Horse Riding 2hrs Tour

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Working days Everyday
Person  € 30
Kid 04:10 Years old € 30
Infant under 4 Years old free!
Horse Riding Hurghada on real Arabian horses in Red Sea Egypt.

Would you like to ride along the beach like in a movie or gallop through the desert? You can feel the happiness of this earth with the real Arabian horses – and this directly in Hurghada.

Riding in Hurghada might be one of the best experiences during your vacation in Egypt. The horses you will ride on are of course suitable for all kind of riders. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional rider – you will remember your encounter with the Arabian horses for a long time and enjoy it a lot.

One- or two-hour horse riding trips to the desert are available daily.

Horse Riding Hurghada Tours:

Happiness on earth is on the back of a horse – the well-known saying describes best what riding really means.

In Hurghada you even have the chance to make a dream come true that may have been cherished for a long time: a horse ride on the beach or through the beautiful desert of Egypt. It is also conveyed that Allah took a handful of wind and created the horse.

The Arabian horses are known for their temperament, their beauty and their iron will. They are high-performance animals with a high intellect.

In Hurghada you can experience these magnificent four-legged friends by yourself: The rides take you to the desert, where these horses have their origin. Experience almost endless gallop routes that get lost in the wide open space of the Arabian desert near Hurghada.

Would you prefer to take it a bit slower and enjoy the scenery with all your senses on the back of “your” horse? That is of course possible, too.

The guides and riding instructors also guide inexperienced riders and provide an unforgettable experience. If you are a beginner, they will guide you through the desert.

More advanced riders can feel the strength and grace of these animals while riding independently, of course always in the presence of experienced riding instructors.

The horses are the pride of their owners; they are therefore neither stuffed animals nor money machines and are treated with care, well cared for and well fed.

Saddle and bridle are regularly cleaned and checked. You will later describe riding on the Arabian horses as an unforgettable experience during your vacation in Hurghada!

One or two hours desert trips are available daily.

Pickup : 8:00 am OR at 14:00 from Your Hotel

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